A Hopeless Romance
- setembro
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A Hopeless Romance

It was about five pm after work, like any other hopeless days I was waiting for my daily bus with no care in the world. I had been a dull and gloomy long day and for luck strike it had started to rain. Ah what a wonderful day. I such a day I would not have care if I was drenched in rain but I did have an umbrella. I tend to keep it in my bag, then the most amazing thing happen I saw a girl.

She, what of her made me wonder about her. A normal girl pretty, cute with glasses standing besides me waiting for the rain to end, just waiting for the same as me a ride out of the rain and back to a safe place warm and cozy maybe home?

I would normally not do this cause the sort of things I was about to do not only looked cheesy enough but would only work in movies and that sort. I took out my umbrella stood next to her, shielding and smiled. A quick smile just to let her know that humanity existed at least around her. She didn’t mind. I knew that was my queue and said, “Hi!”.


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